Best Heater For A Shed: That will Save You Cost

Winter is drawing close you have to keep the shed cozy and comfortable all through the wintry weather. It is only someone that has experienced the bitter winters can truly understand the importance of heaters for a shed, garage and rooms.

When the cold winds are blowing outside and causing temperature to drop to single digits, then you need heaters to warm up and raise shed, garage, workshop and rooms above freezing point.

In this guide we will look at the best heater for a shed that will keep you warm all through and also save you cost. We’ve considered the performance, design, size and cost to give you our top and favorite recommended heaters for a shed.

Regardless of what heating alternatives you chose out for your shed, there are two things you need to do before you purchase a heater for a shed. First you must make sure that your shed is well and nicely insulated, insulated shed saves energy cost than when not insulated.

Secondly is to calculate the BTU’s required to heat up your shed especially if you want to buy a propane heater, it is a compulsory for you. But if you’re buying electric heaters it may not really be necessary.

Therefore, with your shed well insulated, you can now go ahead to place order for your best heater for a shed.

How Much BTU’s Do You Need To Heat Your Shed?

Before buying any heater for a shed, you need to first understand the computation for knowing the right level of BTU for your shed. BTU stands for ‘British Thermal Unit’, this is the unit used to signify the value of heat that can be produced.

However since there are different heaters with different power, different prices and BTU per hour, choosing your best heater for a shed should not be on the above features mentioned above rather it should be on what type of heater that has the required BTU to heat up your shed during different temperature conditions.

How To Compute Your Shed BTU?

  1. Measure out the length and width of your shed and multiply it (L x W) to get the square feet area of your shed or room.
  2. Divide your answer in number by 200 and multiply the you got after division by 9000 if the is not insulated or multiply by 6000 if your shed is insulated. Whatever figure you get is the estimated heater BTU your shed needed to heat up per hour. Let’s see some examples below.

Length of a shed = 20ft

Width of a shed = 20ft

For uninsulated Shed

            20ft x 20ft = 400sq.ft

            400/200 = 2

            2 x 9000 = 18000BTU

That’s to say that a shed of 400sq.ft that is not insulated required approximately 18000BTU heater to heat up per hour.

For Insulated Shed

            20ft x 20ft = 400sq.ft

            400/200 = 2

            2 x 6000 = 12,000BTU

So for a shed of 400sq.ft that is well insulated will require approximately 12,000BTU to heat up the shed per hour.

For those who want quick and easy the automatic calculator will help you do that fast and swift without cracking brain.

Best Heater For A Shed

Pelonis Portable Oil Filled Radiator Heater With Thermostat

Shed heater

Key Features:

  • 3 Heating setting (low – 600w, medium – 900w and high – 1500w)
  • Eco mode and digital thermostat
  • 24-hours timer and LED Display
  • Remote control
  • Over heat and tip over protection
  • Children lock function
  • Portable and easy for transportation
  • 5120BTU
  • 19.09” x 7.6” x 26.38”

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x oil space heat
  • 1 x user’s manual
  • 1 x remote control (battery Included)

The Pelonis heater features a 24hours timer. You could set a timer before leaving and then back home surrounded by warmth, also set a timer to turn off automatically during sleeping. It has a remote to control the heater without leaving your cozy bed/sofa in such cold days.

It is designed with convection heating technology to maximize heat flow into the shed or room without fan noise or any annoying sound. It comes with large LED display to show the setting and each function with clear button.

With the 3 heat stings and temperature setting (45 – 95°F), you could adjust the temperature to meet your desired temperature and choose a proper mode according to your heating area. Eco mode adjusts the shed or room temperature and heat setting automatically to save energy consumption.

Why You Need Heater Is Suitable Choice For You?

  • Fast heating convection air duct
  • Saves your energy bills
  • More heat dissipation
  • Easy to assemble
  • Saves money on energy
  • Remote control convenience
  • Enjoy your desired temperature with digital thermostat
  • Multiple choice heating modes
  • Ideal for families with children and pets
  • Ideal for gifting

Set it to a specific number of 24hours to turn on/off automatically never worry about forgetting turn off the heater, which brings you a warm and energy saving sleep.

Bio Green PAL 2KW Palma Heater with Digital Thermostat

Heater for shed

Key Features:

  • Floor standing heater IPX4
  • 2000w heating out
  • 6827BTU
  • Digital thermostat
  • 280mm x 195mm x 31.5mm
  • Stylish robust design
  • Integrated thermostat control
  • 190cm cable length

What Is In The Box?

  • 1 x Palma heater with digital thermostat

With powerful, energy – efficient, compact and safe, Bio Green’s Electric Fan heater, Palma is a fantastic addition to your greenhouse, with it’s timeless design, stainless steel construction and solid build quality.

It is splash proof rated to IPX4. Aside your greenhouse, It is ideal heater for shed, garage, basement, storage rooms, outbuilding, workshop, cellars, warehouses and music rooms.

It is easy to select your desired temperature use the separate digital thermostat, which can be mounted at eye level. The thermostat can be set to temperatures in the range -50°C to 99°C perfect for most plant related needs.

With unrivalled output 2000w and air circulation rate of 163 m3/h, Palma ensures that the warm air is very rapidly and evenly distributed and that the temperature in your greenhouse is always maintained at the right level.

Why This Heater is Suitable For You?

  • It is quiet (no noise)
  • It ensures that warm air is circulated quickly and evenly throughout greenhouse, shed, workshops, garage etc. removing any cold air pockets.
  • It supplied to you with an additional electronic digital remote thermostat for instant switching account temperature control.
  • It has IPX4 protection and is thus splash proof in all direction.
  • Energy consumption is surprisingly low, saving you money.
    It heat up 39sq.ft area.

Dimplex DGWH4031G Garage and Shop Space Heater

Best heater for your shed

Key Features:

  • Fan forced heater with 4000watt stainless steel element.
  • 13,640BTU’s
  • Automatic temperature control from 45°F to 77°F
  • Fan delay uses residual heat for economical performance, auto safety shut off
  • Attaches to wall/ceiling with included mounting bracket, heater swivels to direct heat.
  • 11’’ x 1.2’’ x 9”
  • Propeller type of fan, accurately balanced and correctly pitched – 240V

You will appreciate the Dimplex DGWH4031G’s fan delay feature that uses residual heat to work efficiently in saving you money. This heater also comes with 6ft cord for added convenience.

The DGWH4031G garage heater from Dimplex is perfect for Shed, garage, workshop, storage buildings and construction site because it is well designed for heavy duty operation in hard-to-heat spaces.

Build around a durable stainless steel heating element and a high performance motor, the propeller style fan heater provides powerful airflow for fast and effective warming.

With this heater, automatic temperatures control helps maintain consistent temperatures in your shed. It also come with a versatile mounting bracket that allows you to attached this unit to a wall or ceiling while the heater itself can swivel for direct heat.

Why This Heater Is Suitable For You?

  • For reliable comfort – easy to install
  • Includes 6ft long cord with NEMA plug for quick connection
  • Versatile mounting bracket
  • Heavy gauge steel has a durable epoxy, powder – coated finish to increase longevity and corrosion resistance.
  • It includes thermostat control and fan delay to use residual heat after the element shut off.
  • With an included automatic over heat protection to ensure safe operation in any space at all times, your have peace of mind.

Stiebel Eltron 074058 Electric Fan

Heater for a shed

Key Features:

  • Sleek European surface mount design
  • Extremely quiet operation at 49.7dB(a)
  • Downdraft design heats space evenly
  • Built-in thermostat for maximum comfort
  • Frost protection setting
  • Ideal anywhere quack heat is needed.
  • 1500w, 5118BTU, 120v
  • 18-1/8’’ x 13-3/16’’ x 4-13/16”

The Stiebel Eltron Eletcric Wall mounted fan is good for sheds, bedrooms, lavatories, kitchens, hallways and any location wherein quick heat is wanted.

It is very clean to put in and use, even though it odes not come with a power cord, you can shop for that separately. The unit features a surface mount layout and has a unique layout that enhances the décor. The compact design suits nearly everywhere and downdraft design removes cold floor.

It puts out a very good quantity of warmth, as it could hold the temperature up to 70 tiers within the first settings.

Why This Heater Is Suitable For You:

  • It does not get too hot touch
  • Ultra quiet fan
  • Even heating downdraft design
  • It can be sole heat source for small sheds or rooms. And can also supplement heat to a room that doesn’t get warm enough from a central source.
  • IT has an integral thermostat for easy heat adjustment
  • It maintains comfort at the original setting once the timer goes off.
  • It has frost protection setting.

AirPlus Space Heater, Oil Fill Radiator Electric Heater

Best heater for a shed

Key Features:

  • 3 Heating Setting (low – 600W, medium – 900W and high – 1500W)
  • Eco mode – energy saving setting
  • Over heat and Tip – over protection
  • 24 – hours timer and digital thermostat
  • Adjustable temperature: 40F° to 95°F
  • Remote control for convenience
  • Children lock function
  • Caster wheel for easy carriage
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty and after sales support.

Airplus Oil Filled Radiator Electric Heater is a snazzy little lightweight area heater that you will want have around for cold sheds, bedrooms, guest room even reading room.

The heater provides steady and consistent warmth that reaches the entire room and not just a specific spot or the individual sitting right next to it.

It has 4 easy caster wheels and carrying handles for easy transport and portability and also has a remote control so you can control the intensity of the heat, the timer and the temperature.

The 7 – fins radiator layout of this unit operates silently, using convectional heat technology to circulate safe and mild warmth making it work tremendous and get the job of heating accomplished now not only effective for small living place sheds but also to large area like living room.

This digital space heater provides even and no dry heating all the time, not instant warm your home but keeps longer warns than other types of heaters. Featuring 24 hours on/off timer with remote control provide more convenience using for all your needs.

Why You This Heater Is Suitable For You?

  • It keeps ideal setting temperature automatically which also saves your energy bill
  • Quiet and comfortable heating
  • Fashion looking and easy operation
  • 3 mode temperature setting range
  • Built with safety features to eliminate any risk of inflammation and accidents
  • Saves money on energy
  • It does not get hot to touch
  • No smoke or any type of smell

Guides On How To Heat UP A Shed

What Type Heater To Use for A Shed?

Well there are many types of heater you can use on a shed such as electric heaters, propane heaters, kerosene heaters and Fire. Normally people tend to use open fire but it is not the best because can cause a serious fire hazards and therefore will not be leave unattended.

It emits CO2, which is not good health when inhaled. If you’re using fire for your shed, you must be careful enough.

This same thing goes to gas and kerosene, people use them for a shed but it is not safest and best because it can also pose fire hazards to the entire house. If you’re using this heater they should be monitored well and every now and then to make sure there is no leakage that will pick fire.

Therefore, electric heaters become the safest and best heater for a shed because the producers have tried to use latest innovation to produce good electric heaters that is safe and user friendly.

With the help of thermostat and timer everything moves in the right direction. It is Safe for adult, kids and pets except those that get hot on their body.


Whether you’re using your shed for guest house, living room, workshop, they best and safest way to heat them up is by using electrical heaters. They will cause you less headache, save you energy cost and will not waste your time.

This article serves as a guide on choosing the best heater for a shed. So if you pick any of the highlighted products you would have made a wise decision. Good luck!

If you have any questions, recommendation or opinion reach us here and we will be glad to attend you.

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