Best Oil For Fishing Reels [Both Old & new Fishing Reels]

In these article, I’m going to show you few best oil for fishing reels on the market, why you should use them proper lubricating of your reels and other gears, how to identify good oil & grease for fishing reels, what to look out for and different between grease and oil.

As far as you remain an angler, lubricating your fishing equipment is paramount if you wants the to last longer for you.

Furthermore, whether you’re freshwater angler or a saltwater angler, the truth still remains that, after each fishing the water on fishing reels get dried out and leaving behind some mineral residues on your reels.

And these minerals could cause havoc such as stain, rust or corrosion to your fishing reels especially for saltwater anglers. If you did not take care of your reel this way would cut shot the life span of your reels, sending them to early grave.  

On the other hand, if you can regularly care for you reels, you will have a longer-lasting fishing reels which can equally save cost for you.

However, to do this, you need to get yourself a good, quality and best oil for fishing reels. Not ones that can get them jammed up.

But before you open your wallet to purchase, let’s first discuss what good oil and grease is made of and how you will know them. So let’s get started.

Our Favorite Fishing Reel Oil and Grease

Brandproduct image 
Liberty 100% synthetic oil, 4oz bottle plus 1.5inch needlebest oil for fishing reelsCheck on Amazon
Penn grease 1 lbbest oil for fishing reelsCheck on Amazon
Ardent reel butter lubrication 3pack - 1oz oil for fishing reelsCheck on Amazon
Abu – Gacia Maintenance oil for fishing reelsCheck on Amazon
Intflon fin Spray for reels maintenance 300mlbest oil for fishing reelsCheck on Amazon

How To Choose The Best Oil For Fishing Reels

 The best fishing reel oil and grease has been a controversial topic among anglers. Consult 20 anglers and ask them ‘What is the best oil for fishing reels and the best grease?’ You will be amazed to see them give you different answers.

Every angler has his own favorite fishing reel oil and grease but 60% of them will agree with us favorite and best fishing reel oil and grease. And that is the reason why I have decided to put down to help those who are still searching for the best oil and grease for proper maintenance of their fishing reel.

Even some anglers have sworn to die with WD40 and 3 in one oil even they’re fairly poor options that will get your reels gummed up and damaged compare to a dedicated fishing reel lubricants.

Now, I will show you what to look out for when buying best oil for your fishing reels and grease to ensure it is safe for your reels.

What To Look For In Fishing Reel Oil Before Buying?

  • Applicator: A good seal and applicator makes it easy enough to get oil hard to reach places. You also don’t want the oil leaking all over your tackle box. That made Liberty 100% reel oil the best overall fishing oil, it has 1.5inches applicator – check it on Amazon
  • TFE: Any fishing reel oil that contains TFE is not good for your fishing reels because they contain microscopic solids that can cause component of your reel to gum up and jam finally.
  • Thermal Protection:  For anglers who fish in cold temperature regions, will want to make sure that their reel oil is compatible enough with subzero temperatures.

What To look For In Fishing Reel Grease When Buying?

  • Viscosity: Fishing reel grease comes in semi solids (thicker viscosity than oil).  It has semi solids and thicker solids. The semi solid grease is good for greasing hard to reach areas and will work its way into all parts. In the other hands, the thicker solid grease is good for greasing gears and needs to be replaced often.
  • Corrosion Inhibiting Properties: This is a key component you must find in any good fishing grease – corrosion resistance especially if you’re a regular saltwater angler. Because saltwater is highly corrosive to fishing reel parts. In other words, synthetic grease is best for preventing rust from developing.
  • Water Resistance: The fishing reel grease must have the ability to stay in a place in the presence of water
  • Thermal Stability: This is another great feature you should look for in any reel grease you’re buying. For anglers who fish in a cold environment or throughout all winter will appreciate a nice free running reel in cold winter. Always make sure you purchase grease that will stay liquified even in the subzero temperatures.
  • Colors: This depends on your preferred color. Many anglers like to use brightly colored grease. This allows them to see where the grease has been applied already. Common colors are blue, red and yellow. But some other persons may prefer to use clear grease but colored greases can stain hands and cloths.

Having reached this extent, let’s now feature some of the best fishing reel oil and grease you can purchase from Amazon.  They have all the properties or features mentioned above. All anglers are talking good about them including my own partner. You know what? They can be used for any fishing reel brand.

Top 5 Best Oil For Fishing Reels

Best Fishing Reel Oil: Liberty 100% Synthetic Oil, 4oz bottle with 1.5inch Needle Applicator.

Best Fishing Reel Oil

This product is 100% synthetic oil and works perfectly for lubricating all parts of your fishing reels such as bearings, crank handles and any other moving part of your fishing reel. It’s lightweight and with low viscosity which mage it best for working itself into the hard to reach areas o f your reels.

The 40z bottle of liberty 100% synthetic oil will last longer for you because the bottle is big not like 1oz bottle. So it will help save cost of purchasing all the time it got finished.

Aside fishing reel, it can be used for other purposes like lubing your high carbon steel knives blades, bicycle bearing, firearms, tools door hinges, clock repairs and other precision application.

The two friction modifiers that bond and protect the metal and act like tiny ball bearings to reduce friction and wear made this oil stand out among other fishing reel oils.

The plastic container is very easy to squeeze. In addition to the reel oil, you will receive a 1.5inch 18-gauge stainless steel needle tip that you have no leaks all your reels from the bottle and cap.

Key Features:

  • 100% synthetic oil
  • 1.5inch long stainless steel needle applicator
  • Does not contain petroleum base
  • Safe to use on plastics and painted surfaces
  • Does not get tacky and hardened
  • 40oz bottle to last longer
  • Works well in freezing temperatures
  • 60 days return policy.

Bring back your dead and abandoned fishing reel today with this beautiful oil and you will be glad you did.

Best Fishing Reel Grease: Penn Grease, 1 lb

Best fishing Reel Grease

Penn grease is one of the best fishing reel grease on the market for greasing your fishing reel gears. It featured superior lubricity, water resistance, load carrying, excellent oxidation, thermal resistance and rust protection over other conventional grease out there.

It is formulated to perform over wide temperature in applications where grease is most preferable with a bit thicker viscosity to enable it stay.

Penn grease is great and works perfectly well with saltwater fishing reels and also for freshwater fishing reels (baitcaster and spinning reel). It has blue color, which makes it easy to see where the grease has been applied.

The 1 pound tube will give you enough grease for many years. If you’re looking for a dependable reel grease that will keep your reels running like new ones, you’d be hand pressed to locate this grease.

Key Features:

  • Thicker viscosity grease for fishing reel gears
  • Corrosion and water resistance
  • Thermal resistance
  • Value for money and last longer
  • A very little goes a long way

But if you’re doing a few fishing reel, you may like to get the one of 2oz tube. And you can always use Penn grease together with Penn precision oil or the oil above to bring back your old reels to life again.

 Best Combo Kit: Ardent Reel Butter Lubrication 3 Packs

Best fishing Reel oil and grease combo

Ardent Reel butter lubrication kit is a complete reel lubricating kit for any anglers who need to lubricate his reels and ensure longevity and performance. The kit includes; reel butter – 1oz, reel butter oil – 1oz and reel butter bearing lube – 1oz.

Ardent product works great for both freshwater and saltwater.

Reel Butter Oil: It is 100% fully synthetic oil with special formulated additives to provide quality and long lasting lubrication for any model of fishing reels.

It has low viscosity and features anti gumming agent that is compatible with all materials and has consistent temperature and performance.

Reel Butter Bearing Lube: The bearing is made in such away that it penetrates deeply into ball bearings and roller bearings to flush out dirty and debris accumulated over time in your fishing reels and lastly provides corrosion protection.

Reel Butter Grease: Application of reel butter grease daily on your fishing reels gears, worm shafts, and plastic components will ensure a smoother, quieter and higher performance experience.

It bonds brass steel and plastics, and moreover contains a rust inhibitor and UV tracer so you can check it under backlight to see areas where you’ve applied the grease.

Ensure the longevity and good performance of your fishing reels with this great product that has 3 step cleaning kit. They also have other great product for fishing reel maintenance you can see all of their products here.

Best Maintenance Kit: Abu – Gacia Maintenance Kit

Fishing reels maintenance kit

If you’re looking a traveling fishing reel maintenance kit or you are like such person who likes to have all his cleaning tools in a place easy movement, eventually this kit is for you.

It includes: 10/11mm wrench, a Philips/flat-head screwdriver, soft cloth, precision oil, precision grease, precision degreaser and soft applicator brush. It is an ideal for all types of fishing reels. It comes in a convenient soft zipped carrying case.

It makes a great gift idea to an avid angler. It is suitable for both baitcasters and spinning reels. Getting this kit for yourself will save you cost of repairing your reels because you now owe a kit and do it yourself anytime you feel your reels are down.

Key Features:

  • Easy to carry around
  • Big enough to maintain up to 50 bait caster and spinning reels
  • Complete maintenance kit

Best Lubricating Spray: Interflon Fin Spray 300ml

Interflon Fishing reels spray

Interflon fin spray was produced with MicPol technology, and this gives the product the ability to penetrate anywhere no matter how hard the looked. It is a high performance lubricant and protects coating that can never fail you.

It is a multipurpose product. Aside using it on your fishing reel gears and bearing, it can be used on chains, rails, hinges, springs, joints, firearms and any thing at all that needs to move freely or remain free of rust. So it bonds to all surfaces.

However, it has odor in case you’ve a sensitive nose, this may not be for you. It is colorless, so you need not worry about staining yourself. 

It dries up into solid, clear film with lowest possible friction that repels both water and dirty when applied on any surface. It does not stay wet like other lubes to attract dust neither does it turn to powder.

Key Features

  • Rust and Corrosion resistance
  • Good for saltwater and freshwater
  • Great lubricator, does not contain petroleum base or silicon
  • High wear, high temperature and high pressure resistance
  • Longer lasting, protective and penetrates well to any areas.

How To Apply Interflon Fin Spray

  1. Ensure the surface to be sprayed is clean and free of dirty or soil.
  2. Spray fin super to cover the surface. Apply lightly, a little of it goes a long way.
  3. Wipe with a dry cloth or allow it to dry
  4. Apply a second light coat and allow it to dry. Your surface will now be smooth, well lubricated and protected from water.
  5. Apply additional light coats as protected from water
  6. Apply additional light coats as needed over the life of your equipment.

To Free Sized or Rust Frozen Parts Interflon Fin Spray

Spray fin super into the affected part. Allow it to sit for at least five minutes while the Micpol particles penetrates and begins to break up the rust. Very rusted parts should be allowed to sit overnight. Work the free, applying more fin super as needed.

It can be used in a place of anti-freeze spray, di-electric spray, graphite spray, gun oil, garage door oil, penetrating oil, corrosion protector and corrosion solvent.

It can be used on fishing reels, power tools, hand tools, nuts, bolts, slides, rails, hinges, cables, electrical components, road bikes, mountain bikes, recreational bikes, dirt bikes, motorcycles, car and truck.

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Fishing Grease Vs Fishing Oil

Grease and Oil are the two most important lubricants that are needed by the anglers to care and maintain their fishing gears. But are made up of different ingredients and are using in different parts of reels or other equipment.

The major different between grease and oil is that grease consist of oil and a thickener, therefore will have a semi solid to solid consistency than oil and this consistency allows it to stay In the applied area longer without migrating than oil.

Grease is very good for gears.  Grease can also contain various additives such as rust inhibitors, extreme pressure additives, oxidation preservatives.

So the ability of the grease to stay in a place and slowly release oil gives grease an advantages over oil.

On the other hand, Reel Oil is light and low viscosity like that of machine oil. It does not stay in applied place because it lacks stickiness and therefore can find its way out the applied areas.

Due to the above fact, reel oil needs regular application than grease. It’s not ideal for gears, as it can bind with metals containing particles causing the teeth to gum up and wear down over time.

Uses of Oil & Grease

Grease is used on gears and parts of equipment that net together. while oil is used on parts that rubs together in tight spaces, like crank handles, knobs, bearings and sliding mechanism.


Above is the list of our best oil for fishing reels. They’re versatile and can be used on any reel brands. Use them to bring back your old reels life and maintained the new ones.

They’re reasonably priced and are of good quality. No matter your budget there is one t suit budget.

Whether you need only reel oil, or reel grease, or you need oil and grease combo, or you need maintenance kit or even reel spray, we have all above you can get all from Amazon.

Our review above serve as a guide and if you pick any of the highlighted products you would have made a wise decision. Good luck! Happy shopping!!

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